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Embracing the word 'No'!

Embracing the word ‘No’!

Sonia Sarangi reflects that calling out harassment and casual racism, and learning to say no, has been important for her career – and her mental health.
Who's afraid of ethnic diversity?

Who’s afraid of ethnic diversity?

Sonia Sarangi continues the conversation about ethnic diversity, pointing to the well-documented advantages of the profession better reflecting the community.
Mentors: Preparing for Practice

Mentors: Preparing for Practice

Atelier Red+Black’s mentoring program gives ‘real world’ insights and practical advice to female final-year students. Michael Smith and Sonia Sarangi outline the benefits.
How to flex

How to flex

The secret is out! Sonia Sarangi reports on How to Flex, a discussion CPD event that demonstrated the advantages of flexible workplaces.
"Make it big so the boys can see it."

“Make it big so the boys can see it.”

Sonia Sarangi reviews the Women in Design exhibition, curated by Daniella Casamento for the DIA.
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