Student Natalie Day, from Melbourne’s Victoria University, is seeking interviewees to participate in her study into Women in Leadership in architecture.

The study is part of Natalie Day’s honours thesis, which aims to explore the experiences of women in leadership positions in male-dominated industries, focusing on architecture.

Natalie will conduct one-on-one interviews, which will take approximately 60–90 minutes and will be audiotaped. Interviewees will be asked about their experiences as a leader, the factors that may have facilitated or challenged their leadership development, and ideas for any changes that could be made to help women become leaders in architecture.

To be involved you need to be a women aged over 18 years old, working in Victoria, and in a position of leadership or management in architecture (e.g. business owner, project manager, partner, director, fellow, or national president within an architecture organisation, or otherwise in a leadership position).

If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact Natalie at