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Why Architecture Graduates Do Not Register as Architects

A paper by Susan J. Shannon, Naomi Webb, Yishu Zeng and Jenna Holder, argues that “Australia is not making the most of its architecture skills base because gender-based issues appear to be deterring female graduates from completing their registration as architects; gaining suitable employment is also a factor in non-registration for...

7 Ways to Transform Studio Culture & Bring It into the 21st Century

“Studio culture as currently practiced, promotes an outdated and parochial understanding of how design knowledge is produced, valuing expertise over synthesis and image over process and practice.” Lori Brown and Joseph Godlewski write at ArchDaily

It Takes Two

“In the continuing debate over gender politics, where women are unacceptably under-represented in leadership roles, couples need to take some responsibility for the decisions that they make together early in their careers.” Interview on Architecture AU with Andrew Nimmo about setting up Lahz Nimmo.

Make it, Break it, Fix it

Randy Deutsch blogs for the Beverly Willis Foundation, arguing that we need to fix the system in architectural workplaces.

Supporting Working Parents

Justine Clark writes for the Association of Consulting Architects about the new report Supporting Working Parents, what it means for architectural practices and what they can do.

In Architecture, a Glass Ceiling

A short overview in the Wall Street Journal about the low number of women becoming licensed architects in the US, with Rosa Sheng of Missing 32%. “There’s an influx of more women coming in, but the hurdles haven’t changed.”

First Annual Architectural Record Women in Architecture Awards

The Architectural Record has announced the winners of First Annual Women in Architecture Awards.

The power dress: Kelly Hayes-McAlonie

Kelly Hayes McAlonie talks about the power dress, women architects, architect Barbie and Louise Bethune – A YouTube video from TEDx BuffaloWomen. The power dress: Kelly Hayes-McAlonie.

A stage of her own: Elisabeth Scott and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre | Art and design | The Guardian

Fascinating essay by Gillian Darley on Elizabeth Scott, who won the international competition to design Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford in 1928.  A stage of her own: Elisabeth Scott and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre | Art and design | The Guardian.

5 Women Changing the Face of Architecture | ArchDaily

A short news item on ArchDaily about the forthcoming documentary 5 Women Changing the Face of Architecture.

MoMA’s Modern Women

Critique by Alexandra Lange of the MoMa exhibition “Designing Modern Women,”: Observatory: Design Observer.

Revising Our Ideas about Collective Inspiration | Lilith Magazine

An essay by Esther Sperber. Revising Our Ideas about Collective Inspiration | Lilith Magazine.

Women Need Resilience To Rise To The Top |

Fascinating and alarming piece reflecting on new research on women, leadership and the workplace. This is not architecture specific, but relevant nonetheless. (via Anna Tweeddale) “If men are becoming successful with the help of their mothers and wives, and women are springing up from the resilience of traumatic recovery with...

Natalie de Blois: A Legacy of Change in Practice and Education

A post on Architizer by Hilary Sample about Natalie de Blois of SOM. Natalie de Blois: A Legacy Of Change In Practice And Education. “De Blois’ legacy is multifaceted, from her steadfast focus on architecture, to the attention she brought to the challenges facing women architects, to the questions her career...

Beyond the Pritzker: Architecture and the Politics of Family Leave: Places: Design Observer

Excellent essay by Nancy Levinson. The call for paid family leave is particular to the American context, but the broader discussion and framework is relevant to us all. “without that intensification, without unifying goals, the current conversation will drift and dissipate, as did those of previous generations. Personally I do...
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