The November National Seminar from the Australian Institute of Architects explores how architects and practices can thrive in a fast-shifting environment.


Architects operate in a complex, changing environment.  This is not likely to diminish with technological disruption, client expectations, work practices and professional standards constantly evolving.

To be successful, it isn’t enough to survive such changes – you need to be equipped to thrive through them. Humans are hardwired to resist change, however this can be overcome with deliberate learning and practice.

This session will provide participants with insights, tools and techniques to thrive in today’s changing environment and ultimately maintain high levels of agility, effectiveness, productivity and employee morale.

This session has been developed in collaboration with the Institute’s National Committee for Gender Equity.

Speaker – Michelle Gibbings

Michelle is a leadership and change expert, and the author of Step Up: How to build your influence at work. She works with executives and global organisations to help them accelerate progress in complex environments. Michelle is passionate about helping people and teams identify the possibilities, recognise unseen opportunities and find the courage to make congruent choices. All are essential elements to thrive in today’s complex world. With more than twenty years’ senior executive experience Michelle knows how to help people succeed in different personal and organisational contexts.

When and Where

Nov 15–17 in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, with live streaming also available.

For more details and to register see the Australian Institute of Architects.