The work of Parlour makes me proud to be an Australian architect.—Adam Haddow, director, SJB

A space to speak

Parlour is a vital space for the discussion of gender equity in Australian architecture.

In three years it has published almost 300 items by more than 70 authors. Parlour brings together researchers, academics, architects, students, industry representatives and policy makers in productive discussion. It also attracts readers and contributors from beyond the profession, and internationally.

Parlour’s one-day symposium, Transform – Altering the Future of the Profession (hosted by the University of Melbourne) attracted a capacity audience of 200 and was widely and positively reviewed in the professional media as well as on blogs and social media.

Parlour builds networks & communities

I was very pleased to see this forum appear. I had been wondering if other women in the profession were having similar issues, or if it was just me…— survey respondent

The online environment has been a significant means to build communities of interest. Parlour events, such as Transform, have provided further important opportunities to develop and strengthen networks.

Parlour gets noticed

Parlour has become a model for feminist architectural groups who now look to the antipodes as the place leading the discussion.— Munro Diversity Award citation

Parlour has been cited in a wide range of publications, including L’Architecture d’ Aujourd Hui, Al Jazeera, ArchDaily, Archinect, Architecture Australia, Australian Design Review, The Age, Women’s Agenda and many more – including numerous architects’ and professional blogs. Parlour researchers are interviewed in architectural and news media.

Parlour is archived by the Pandora, the National Library of Australia’s web archive.

Parlour content is also picked up by other media. In 2012 Andrew Maynard’s article “Work/life/work balance” was republished by the international website ArchDaily and became the most-read item that year.

We are regularly contacted by other advocacy groups seeking advice. Since Parlour was launched, a number of other sites have been developed, particularly in the US, which draw on our example. Our work is cited by professional organisations internationally, including the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the International Union of Architects (UIA).

Parlour’s work has been recognised through the Bates Smart Award for Architecture in the Media and the Munro Diversity Award.

Parlour seeds change

Thank you for doing this work. It could alter the future of architecture, and that’s really exciting.—Parlour supporter

Parlour has established a far-reaching and invaluable tool for understanding the current state of Australian architecture practice.—Warwick Mihaly (Architecture Australia)

I was quite intrigued with – and inspired by – your work, research, and reporting.—Helene Coombs Dreiling, President, American Institute of Architects

Parlour has put the profession on notice.—Sam Crawford

One of the most insightful, generous and sincere events on archi-culture/profession/discipline that I’ve been too.—Byron Kinniard (re Transform)

Parlour provides the evidence

You have changed the profession. The quality of the research is outstanding and provides evidence for persuasive discussion on many levels.—Parlour supporter

Parlour’s advocacy and resources are based in independent, rigorous research conducted as part of the Australian Research Council-funded Equity and Diversity project. This produced a wealth of qualitative material, an accurate statistical map of Australian architecture, and sophisticated analysis. Parlour makes this evidence base available to a broad audience and puts it to work in providing important analysis and resources.

Future work will involve further research projects. Parlour will also continue to publish and promote relevant research from others.

Parlour provides the resources

I greatly appreciate Parlour information and reports. The more I can learn about issues that affect our industry, particularly women in the industry, the better employer I can be.— survey respondent

Parlour uses the evidence base to develop resources to facilitate change towards a more equitable profession. The Parlour Guides to Equitable Practice (published in association with the University of Melbourne) have received much attention in Australia and internationally.
To date, the guides have been accessed almost 8,000 times by almost 5,000 unique viewers. They have received widespread media coverage and are being used to guide change in practices around the country. Parlour also alerts readers to useful resources and material elsewhere. Future work will develop further resources for the profession.

Parlour celebrates success

Parlour celebrates women active in the profession, and works to provide opportunity and profile for the many women working successfully in architecture.

The online register, Marion’s List, will be launched as part of Parlour’s next phase and will provide be an important vehicle for raising profile for women in Australian architecture.

Future possibilities include the Parlour Prize, to recognise those who have worked to improve equity and diversity in the profession.

Parlour gets things done!