Janine Campbell

<p>I DESIGN BUILDINGS AND SPACES.</p> <p>An Australian architect and artist living and working in Europe, with projects experience in the UK, Australia and Switzerland, for more than 20 years I have worked on a diverse range of project typologies from concept to delivery. Studying Fine Arts at the beginning of my career, then going on to study Architecture, I am now studying Façade Engineering to further design research and expertise in facades, synthesizing the fine arts, architecture and engineering thinking. Early projects include working as a site architect for international contractors such as Lend Lease and Multiplex, at several large international architecture practices in Sydney over a period of 15 years. Whilst concurrently, continuing as an exhibiting artist and designer with independent commissioned projects.</p> <p>After working at the Australian Pavilion for the 11th Venice Architecture Biennale, I embarked on a sabbatical in Switzerland to learn German, going on to remain in Zurich for 5 years, working in various creative design roles, including façade design and the opportunity to be embedded with the industrial design team at Swarovski. This gave me exposure to a high standard of technical design deployed by by Swiss/German/Austrian culture. I also had the opportunity to visit and present my Australian design work to the studios of Calatrava, Dominique Perrault, Herzog & De Meuron and Professor Dietmar Eberle, among others.</p> <p>Now in London for 5 years, I have worked mainly in contract architectural roles for the technical and delivery end of projects. I applied to study Façade Engineering in Bristol to further my expertise in façade design. Current topics of research include 'design for dis-assembly' in the design life of façades, temporary architecture, coloured glass, and DfMA, whilst retaining the artisanal/artistry of craftsmanship and beauty of unique designs.</p>
NSW, oseas
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