Lauren Harris

Graduate Architect
<p>Lauren is an experienced, Brisbane-based architectural graduate and designer with a diligent and proactive approach that has seen her work across a variety of disciplines. With a passion for the creation of spaces to aid health and wellbeing she is an active participant in the discussion of architectural design, practice and theory. </p> <p>Lauren is currently exploring new challenges to diversity her passion for design and community engagement. In the last 12 months Lauren started a graphic design firm working alongside her architecture career, endeavouring to jump start small businesses through marketing, merchandising and branding opportunities. Additionally Lauren believes that business benefits from empowered, excited, fulfilled and supported women ans men within diverse workplaces and has recently joined the committee for Women in Design and Construction with the aim to aid women in building confidence, fostering connections across industries, providing a foundation for ideas and growth.</p> <p>A member of the Commonwealth Games Volunteering Team for 2018, she is also a keen sports person and cannot wait to participate in an event that will shape Queensland in the future.</p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits