Michelle Hamer

Visual Artist/Designer

<p>Michelle Hamer is an award-winning visual artist; a designer and architectural educator. </p> <p>Her art practice is focused on the way language and signage in the urban and suburban environment defines and reflects contemporary social beliefs. She is best known for her hand-stitched works on perforated plastic grids. Michelle has had 20 solo shows and been in numerous group and prize shows within Australia and Internationally. </p> <p>As a graduate Michelle worked as a designer and also as a research assistant to Conrad Hamann and Philip Goad for the ARC-funded research on housing in Australia between 1950-1965. She was responsible for the biographical research and interviews with architects. Concurrently, her Masters' research was on Joyce Nankivell Partnership, an early paper was published through SAHANZ (Society of Architectural Historians Aust NZ).</p> <p>Since graduating Michelle has taught Design studios extensively at RMIT (Architecture and Interior Design) and Communications & 20th Century History Architecture. She continues to do freelance writing for architectural practices. </p> <p>Michelle runs workshops and speaks to a variety of audiences about her practice and being a professional artist both within Melbourne and regional areas. </p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits