Anna Mueller

Bond University
<p>I recently graduated from the Bachelor of Design (Architecture and Landscape Architecture) at the University of Melbourne. Back at university, I was very interested in the discourse of architecture, hearing and discussing ideas, connecting practice and community engagement, and how to communicate the opportunities design can offer to the world. Pushing the boundaries of what is design, what actually is architecture, and what is landscape architecture, that is something I became very passionate about. I enjoy exploring the space in between architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. I use a lot of the knowledge I gained doing Fine Arts in my design practice. Design, in my opinion, is a form of art, it needs to be curated and communicated. Great design tells a story. A story of how we can make the world a more pleasant place. A story of our society and the community we’d like to create. And a story of the world we’d like to live in in the future. </p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits, Writing