Kali Passmore

Practice Manager
Gresley Abas
<p>Hi. I’m an architect. A mum. And most recently – a practice manager, ACA committee member, and practice partner with Notre Dame University. Yes, it is challenging to balance work life with home life, and all of the other extracurricular activities that go in-between. I’m stretched in ways I didn’t realise I could be – in a mostly positive way. The personal and professional growth is hugely rewarding and impactful across many aspects of my life.<br /> This recent trajectory is firmly attributed to attaining an MBA in 2018. A game-changer for me. To have an opportunity to not only understand the business of architecture better, but to also gain insights and awareness of self, led me to partake in the Search Inside Yourself mindfulness leadership course. These purposeful choices have reframed the way I approach life, re-ignited an energy for continued learning, and most importantly, given me a level of comfort to share stories and knowledge of the journey so far.<br /> Please reach out if that sounds of interest to you. </p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Sessional Teaching or Crits