Alanna McTiernan

Director/ Photographer -Small Films
Alanna Jayne McTiernan
<p>I started my creative career in the portrait photography world and discovered a love of storytelling. Not long after, I found a passion for architecture and design, and slowly the two merged for me to be able to capture both people + place through still imagery and motion. I now work with architects, interior designers, urban designers and landscape architects, with a focus on bringing an open approach towards each project - not one size fits all. </p> <p>I believe images should evoke a feeling, and light plays a pivotal part in showcasing this. I focus not only on the design, but how the space is used and what it was designed for – because this is what gives design a story that your clients can connect with.</p> <p>In a world where images are everywhere, it’s more important than ever to focus on quality imagery that stands out and showcases just how incredible your work is. Let’s create a visual narrative that tells the bigger story of your practice and your design work that connects with people in its own unique way. Let’s do this!</p>
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