Kim Bazeley

Senior Design Manager
City Transformation, City of Parramatta

At a lecture I attended recently, we were asked: in the face of everything we know, what work does it make sense for us to do?

For me this question encapsulates an abiding preoccupation over the last year. How can I use my talents, along with 30 years of experience in the property and construction sector, to make a difference? To do work that is impactful, purposeful and contributes to 'making things better'?

I believe the contribution can be made in any number of ways, either in the private or public sectors, including as part of a property development team, working on placemaking, masterplanning and schematic design, providing advisory services, communication and project definition. It could be architectural, or focussed on a system or process. Being involved in built projects that contribute to the public realm through their spatial arrangements, whilst also creating the best possible living environments for people, brings me joy.

Every successful endeavour I have been involved in starts with a clear vision. My ability to see a clear path to achieve the desired outcome, coupled with strong problem-solving capability, and willingness to take ownership of the process where required, has frequently seen me performing the role of expert advisor. One of the strengths underpinning this capability is the speed with which I can absorb and synthesise information from multiple sources and then apply it to the scenario in hand. This has been clearly demonstrated in developing feasibilities for projects with complex statutory and non-statutory controls, as well as in the creation of new approaches to typical methodologies, like pod bathrooms, and in preparing tender submissions on tight timeframes.

Deep experience across all project phases from pre-acquisition to delivery and within multiple sectors has yielded skills in collaboration, stakeholder engagement and management of multidisciplinary teams. Additional talent in communication and advocacy, as well as leadership, team creation and mentoring of junior team members, creates a breadth of possible applications for committed investment.

Interested in
Public Speaking, Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits, Writing