Kate Woodman

Project Architect
Lyons Architecture
<p>Kate is a registered architect based in Melbourne. She has worked as a project architect in a number of different workplace environments including small practice, national practice and on large novated contracts. Her portfolio of projects includes a diverse range of users and scales, with a focus on educational environments. Her engagement in architecture also extends out of practice into published writing, sessional teaching at RMIT and Mentoring with the Australian Institute of Architects. </p> <p>Kate is a design focussed architect who utilises strong design narratives to enable stakeholders to become empowered custodians of the design. She believes in a collaborative approach across all stages of a project; from capturing the users needs and aspirations in the project inception, to informing and empowering clients during the construction phase and the many conversations in between. Kate is honoured to work on projects that benefit many rather than few, and does so with a sense of responsibility to provide safe and engaging spaces where their users can flourish.</p> <p>Kate has a personal curiosity in culture and identity in a built environment which she has explored academically in her Masters thesis, experientially through study abroad and international volunteering and in her professional work where culture, identity and meaning have continued to be an important driver of design process and decisions.</p>
Interested in
Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits, Writing