Emma Pattenden

Graduate of Architecture
Hindley & Co
<p>I am a graduate of architecture and an artist. I am logical, thoughtful, open-minded, inquire into possibilities, and an innovative risk-taker that delves into my imagination to create successful design solutions.</p> <p>I have worked in the industry as a graduate just over a year and have thrived on the experience of being a part of, and learning, the practicalities of how architecture moves from an idea into a physical form to be experiences and used by the client/audience. Being an artist I have a strong sensibility and hence take into deep consideration how a place will be experienced both physically and mentally so love working on the finer details of the textures, colours, lighting and the way one moves through a space.</p> <p>I have a lot of ambition and passion for my art and seek to continually activate this part of my being. I recently have taken more time for my art and have successfully exhibit my work at different locations within Victoria.</p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Sessional Teaching or Crits, Writing