Gina Engelhardt

Student Architect | Artist
<p>Gina is currently in her (second) year out, working as a student of architecture in Melbourne. She will decide where she will do her Masters any day now.</p> <p>Gina is the 2019 SONA President and dedicated in building SONA up into an active organisation which meaningfully represents and advocates for built environment students. Her focus through SONA is on creating a nationally connected student community and bringing voice to real issues facing students. </p> <p>In her work, she aims to create places which are as poetic as they are practical, and invite child-like wonder and curiosity. Gina believes in balancing thorough analytics with design iterations to formulate a holistic outcome. In her art, this translates to a lot of random sketching and reading before a brush meets a canvas. </p>
Interested in
Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits, Writing