Kath Walters

Dream Planet
<p>I am the founder and editor of Dream Planet (dreamplanet.com.au), an online magazine about cities and how we make them more connected places with stronger communities that will sustain us into the future. </p> <p>Here is part of my manifesto, published on my website: "Why have we built cities that forget the people in them, and make the opportunities to connect harder instead of easier? What if our cities gave us the freedom to belong? What if they soothed our fears and allowed us to engage when we want to and retreat when we need to? </p> <p>I founded Dream Planet to search out and write about all those who are creating community by design, the citizens and the professionals, the designers and the bankers, the buyers and the renters. Whoever puts their time, energy and money into creating community is part of my dream for this planet."</p> <p>I am interested in stories about how architecture and urban design professions foster community and connection in their work and have a menu solely for women in the profession. </p> <p>I have been a journalist for over 25 years, 14 of them as a business writer for Fairfax Media.</p>
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