Lahni Lowe

Graduate of Architecture

<p>As a graduate of a Masters Architecture, I am passionate about creative design thinking and collaborative engagement. Im excited to begin my journey into the industry within an organisation that will allow me help to contribute to the growth and development of our communities. </p> <p>Through previous work experience as well as my studies throughout university I have worked on a variety of projects ranging from small to large, residential to commercial. These experiences have enabled me to better my understanding of advanced design work, architectural history, theory and research, along with thorough knowledge of Australian standards, the development application process, a strong construction knowledge and confidence to work in a fast paced environment, ultimately amplifying my passion for immersive learning.</p> <p>Recently, I have undertaken a design research thesis which explores how the built environment influences the personal and social aspects of spaces, as well as identifying the environmental needs of mental health patients. The proposal aims to increase the awareness of the general public on social injustice, stigma and mental health, promoting dignity and social inclusion in our communities. </p> <p>Through my educational development I have been able to increase the awareness of myself in accordance with the broader direction of industries vision of best practice that aims to create evidence-based and socially responsible architecture. The relationships formed through my experience has encouraged my future involvement within the fields of design and health. </p> <p>I am currently developing research in response to being the recipient of the 2018 Peter Hunt Prize, which will see me furthering my thesis research, looking at industry's best practice for the design of healthy spaces, in order to establish ways in which the built environment can address wellness as an integral part of the environment in which we live.</p> <p>I am a committed and passionate learner and hope to continue to create meaning and impactful outcomes for people and places through design. I hope to embark on a future that will allow me to broaden my knowledge outside of the classroom and be an agent of change, considering the needs of all using the space and integrating the natural and sustainable use of places by people in daily life. </p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits