Chrisney Formosa

Graduate Architect
Plus Architecture
<p>Chrisney Formosa holds a Bachelor of Architectural Design and a Master of Architecture from the Queensland University of Technology. With over 9 years’ experience across a variety of sectors including industrial, commercial, aged care, student accommodation and residential sectors, she is adept in all stages of project delivery from sketch design through to contract administration.</p> <p>Passionate about design and how design can impact human emotion and behaviour, Chrisney is interested in both the practice and theory of architectural ornamentation or lack of. She hopes to develop an understanding of how well curated, honest and thoughtful architecture can effect human behaviour (both physically and mentally) and whether it is more or less beneficial on human behaviour than highly decorated and symbolic architecture. </p> <p>In 2016 Chrisney started a student design competition in conjunction with Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Development and Plus Architecture. As an annual offering, the competition was developed to generate ideas and encourage thoughtful architecture in Brisbane City and surrounds. Passionate about the profession she hopes that a competition dealing with public sites will help bolster the profession and encourage healthy debate and conversation about architecture within the wider public. </p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits