Anuradha Chatterjee

Senior Architectural Researcher and Heritage Advisor
Cracknell & Lonergan Architects Pty Ltd
<p>I am an Indian-Australian academic, author, and designer based in Sydney, Australia. After completing a professional degree in architecture from the TVB School of Habitat Studies, I completed Masters in Architectural History and Theory and a PhD in Built Environment from the University of New South Wales. </p> <p>I have authored three books – John Ruskin and the Fabric of Architecture, Routledge, 2017; Built, Unbuilt, and Imagined Sydney, COPAL Publishing, New Delhi, 2014; and Surface and Deep Histories: Critiques, and Practices in Art, Architecture, and Design, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK, 2013. I have authored essays on potentialities of surface as urban, and surface as a critical turn, in forthcoming Routledge anthologies like Surfaces: Transformations of Body, Materials and Earth edited by Mike Anusas and Cris Simonetti (2017); and The Routledge Companion to Criticality in Art, Architecture and Design, edited by Chris Brisbin and Myra Thiessen (2017). </p> <p>I have founded and edited online refereed journal, The Eighth Lamp: Ruskin Studies Today. I have been appointed to the Editorial Advisory Board for Architectural Design at Cambridge Scholars Publishing.</p> <p>My scholarship has received endorsements from leading authorities in the field like Stephen Kite, Andrew Crompton, Lars Spuybroek, and Cynthia Gamble. I have won a number of prestigious grants like the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art: Publication Grant (Author) and Research Support Grant; Stones of Venice Grant, Ruskin Library, Lancaster University as well as the David Saunders Grant Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand. </p> <p>Broadly, my expertise and interest spans the areas of architectural theory, history, design, humanities, and criticism, as well as integrating theoretical approaches and paradigms in design studios. My forthcoming projects will build capacity in a) urban landscapes of empathy, with respect to ageing and disability; b) liveability in India; and c) potentials of the terrain vague in cities in Asia. </p> <p>I am currently working as Senior Architectural Researcher & Heritage Advisor at Cracknell & Lonergan Architects P/L where I am involved in preparing heritage studies, conservation management plans, and statement of heritage impact for items of local and state significance. I am also involved in identifying and applying for publication grants and coordinating publications for the practice.</p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits