Ellen Terrill

<p>Ellen-Mary Terrill is an established project architect and an Associate at COX Architecture, where she is Project Lead for VCCC Junction Oval and Luther College Centre of Design and Innovation. She has also worked to secure other significant projects in this office and she particularly enjoys spending time on the soon-to-be-realised Mornington Peninsula Cellar Door project currently on her desk. </p> <p>With over 14 years’ experience under her breeches, Ellen’s agility and skill in cultivating teams towards a common goal has seen her manage architectural and multidisciplinary teams from concept through to construction across a range of project typologies. Her current projects support her background in public and educational projects, though she has experience in hotels and resort projects from her time spent at Kerry Hill, in Singapore, and she has also spent time as a student and early-graduate in the far reaches of Ireland and Alice Springs.</p> <p>Ellen enjoys both client and stakeholder interaction. Her on-the-tools approach means she is heavily involved in all phases of the design process - and she wants to stay that way. She also enjoys crafting the strategic response to tenders at the principal stages of a project and is finding herself becoming more involved in the writing aspect of tender documents. Beyond the walls of the office, Ellen can be seen partaking in the greater social and cultural realm of architecture, through talks and events, and she spends some of her spare time tutoring architectural students.</p>
Interested in
Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits