Biljana Lojanica

<p>Biljana is a registered architect in Victoria, with a highly developed design sensibility. She is interested in innovative thinking, reinventing the processes towards more efficient, sustainable outcomes and pathways to better living and stronger communities. Particularly interested in the cross-pollination of industries as a source of inspiration, she is hence a very informed consumer of psychology, human behavioural habits, technology, design entrepreneurship and business. She is very active and passionate in matters of gender equality, work-life balance and wellbeing in the architectural profession.<br /> Her expertise is in her out-of-the-box design thinking with very strong social and environmental awareness and the application of smart technologies into the design process.<br /> She has a background in commercial, residential and public sector. The range of her work includes various design winning projects from public art and installation, single bespoke residential, boutique multi-residential, commercial high rise to above-rail developments.<br /> She considers herself to be a well rounded design professional with experience in all stages of design and construction. She brings in fresh and innovative design thinking, strong leadership drive and management skills. </p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits