Amelyn Ng

Architecture Graduate / Writer / Curator
<p>Amelyn is an independent writer, architectural graduate at Fieldwork and co-curator of PROCESS public talks in Melbourne. Her curiosity and passion for critical practice has kept her busy post-graduation...</p> <p>She has written for a variety of Australian media from academic to mainstream publication, including ArchitectureAU, Australian Design Review, Inflection Journal, Architectural Review Asia Pacific, Architect Victoria and Assemble Papers.</p> <p>She recently presented papers at U.Penn's Spaces and Flows Conference (Philadelphia, 2016) and AMPS Housing Critical Futures Conference (Nicosia, 2016), and has exhibited work in Melbourne and Madrid. In 2016 she taught architectural theory and co-taught an undergraduate studio at the MSD. She has also been a critic for architecture/interior design studios at Melbourne and Monash.</p> <p>Contact Amelyn for writing engagements (e.g. book reviews, building reviews, interviews, event reportage, articles, essays, general editing), studio crits and exhibition/conference collaborations.</p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Sessional Teaching or Crits