Jasmine Richardson

Principal / Casual Academic / Project Manager
Ekah Studio / University of Newcastle
<p>Jasmine recently established ekah studio and undertakes projects through Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney and Australia wide. Ekah is a start-up studio, with a focus on residential, additions and alterations, heritage and other small to medium scale project typologies. Jasmine likes to work closely with clients to establish their needs and guide them throughout the process.</p> <p>She believes in a thorough approach to project management from design to construction, and is currently working alongside a local Newcastle builder in aim of bridging the gap between designer and builder.</p> <p>Jasmine has also been a casual academic at the University of Newcastle since 2011 and is currently tutoring 5th year design, 3rd year history and theory and 1st year communication.</p> <p>Jasmine has a strong interest in the linkage between architecture, health and wellbeing and is passionate about architectural education.</p>
Interested in
Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits