Pamela McGirr

architect and interior designer

<p>I've been a registered architect since 1994 and I'm an all-rounder in the traditional sense - comfortable at both the front end of project conception and the back end of delivery. I love to work directly with clients, consultants and builders where I can keep inspiration alive and the design, meaningfully focused.</p> <p>My work is in a variety of scales, sectors and countries with the choreography, place-making and material thoughtfulness as the thread that links it all - I've pretty much touched most building typologies in some way, shape or form. It's all on my linkedin profile if you feel like going there!</p> <p>My BArch is from RMIT, in design, and my MEnvironmental Design is from Yale, in historical research. I've been a registration examiner, taught history/studio extensively and I sometimes sit on the other side of the table as a stakeholder, where I advocate for good design outcomes from that position too. I balance my work with parenthood and actively champion equity in my workplace.</p> <p>The design and consideration of our built environment is a stimulating life for me. It's wonderful to make a positive difference to people's public and private enjoyments of space and experience.</p>
Interested in
Juries, Writing