Sandy Anghie

Sandy Anghie Architect
<p>Perth Architect Sandy Anghie has broad ranging expertise and experience in diverse fields, combining design and creativity with legal and commercial skills. </p> <p>Sandy started her career as a corporate tax lawyer in 1997 and worked for 8 years in Australia’s leading law and accounting firms. In 2006 Sandy returned to university to study architecture and in the past 10 years has gained experience in a wide range of architecture roles, including the Office of Government Architect, Syrinx Environmental, Matthew Crawford Architects and HASSELL. </p> <p>Sandy’s current role is project manager of the Historic Heart Project, which looks at the reinvigoration of the east end of the Perth CBD through the implementation of social and cultural initiatives with the city’s major stakeholders. </p> <p>Alongside work on the Historic Heart Project, Sandy also undertakes residential architecture work, and is a board member of the West Australian Ballet.</p>
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