Fiona Winzar

Fiona Winzar Architects
<p>After working with numerous 'big-wig' architectural practices, I established Fiona Winzar Architects in 2005. Since that time my practice has received numerous awards and commendations recognised locally and internationally.</p> <p>Specialising in houses, our designs are driven by the sense of place, making each project a specific response to its location, but always warm and human in scale. </p> <p>We now offer super high performance dwellings that incorporate European Passive House design principals with thermal, airtight and fresh air ducting technology. The aim is for sustainable living with a sense of peace and beauty.</p> <p>Client quote – '…every form, shape, line and space has been carefully designed by Fiona to capture who we are as a family. I see our histories, our travels, ourselves in the walls and windows, ceilings and floors. And all this beauty around me, our home, functions perfectly for how we live. Fiona thought of everything.' </p>
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