Amelia Hine

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Queensland University of Technology
<p>I am a human geographer with a background in design and museum studies. I'm currently a postdoctoral research fellow funded by CRC ORE and located in the QUT Business School. </p> <p>My research focuses on the social and material aspects of Anthropocenic landscape planning and design, with a particular interest in the extractives sector. I am excited by experimental feminist writing practices that build on vital materialist and multispecies worldings. I hope to continue to focus on more-than-human relationships within the Anthropocene using a situated research approach.</p> <p>In addition to academic research I also have an ongoing professional practice in visual communication. Within my research outputs I bring an unusual perspective that combines geographic research methods with contemporary visual communication and design practice. </p> <p>I have tutored in the QUT School of Design and the UQ School of Architecture, and am involved in local public education and visual communication projects. </p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Writing