Ceilidh Higgins

Senior Associate - Interiors and Blogger
<p>Ceilidh's speciality is work – both the places we work and the way we work. Her day job is Senior Associate for Interior Design at DJRD where she specialises in workplace strategy and design, delivering workplace projects from as small as 5 people through to upwards of 1000 people. She is involved across all project phases from proposal stage through to post construction. She also has experience across a wide range of sectors including government, laboratories, healthcare and transport. </p> <p>Ceilidh was an early adopter of Revit and BIM for interior design and has a passion for researching and implementing new technologies in design practice. She is a past speaker and member of the organising committee for the BILT Event, which is a community dedicated to technology in the built environment.</p> <p>Outside of work, Ceilidh researches, writes and speculates on the future of work – both as a place and the processes of working within the AEC industry – and the impacts of technology upon both. You can find her writing at themidnightlunch.com. </p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Juries