Nathalie Curtet

<p>Nathalie has 25 years experience working in key role positions from concept design, master planning, design development, interior design to contract documentation for a range of projects of varying scales – residential, commercial, educational – in France and Australia.<br /> She is passionate about sustainability, design and the connections that are created between building / architecture and site / landscape. She balances site and clients requirements to promote individual, family and community welfare.<br /> Nathalie is highly creative. Her designs create a journey of experiences: in weaving spatial qualities, spatial flow, functional relationships between spaces, indoor / outdoor relationships, movement, views, light to enhance quality of life and a sense of place, of connectedness to the environment.<br /> Nathalie is committed to promote sustainable design practices to reduce the building ecological footprint: passive solar design, energy efficiency, solar power / stand-alone system, rain water harvesting and use, indoor air quality, natural light & ventilation, materials use according to their maintenance requirements, buildings life cycle principles. </p> <p>Nathalie graduated from the National School of Higher Education in Architecture (ENSAM) at the University of Marseille-Luminy France in 1988, and settled in Australia in 1989.</p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Sessional Teaching or Crits