Dorita Hannah

Research Professor of Interdisciplinary Architecture Art & Design
University of Tasmania: Creative Exchange Institute
<p>Dorita Hannah works across the spatial, visual and performing arts as a scholar and design practitioner; specialising in theatre architecture and architectural performativity. She collaborates with artists, designers and cultural organisations to co-conceive, design and direct events, installations, exhibits, objects and environments. Her creative work in Australia, New Zealand and Europe has gained awards for architecture, design and research. She sits on several editorial and directorial boards and is currently co-Chairing the Performance+Design Working Group for PSi (Performance Studies international). Dr Hannah is closely aligned with the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design & Space (PQ) for which she has taken on the varying roles of design director (2003, 2011), exhibitor and performance maker (1999-2015), international juror (2007), architectural commissioner (2011) and theory curator (2015). Her book, Event-Space (Routledge Press, 2017), focuses on how the built environment housing an event is itself an event and an integral driver of experience. She is also Adjunct Professor of Stage & Space at Aalto University in Helsinki.</p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits