Ripeka Walker

Senior Associate
CO-OP Studio
<p>A mid-career architect specialising in public architecture, Ripeka’s project experience spans education, health, justice and the community civic sector. Communication and effective productivity are integral to her work in project delivery at CO-OP.</p> <p>Collaborative by nature, Ri values working with others: stakeholders, clients, consultants, contractors, colleagues, students, peers, mentors, graduates, journeymen and women. In her role as Senior Associate in an emerging firm, she seeks common ground and herd knowledge to create the best outcome.</p> <p>Her enduring research interest lies in the civic realm as a communication field. As a New Zealand native, the cultural grounding for this work is in the marae atea and its spatial activation through the protocol of powhiri. Submitting for a PhD remains on her to-do list.</p> <p>Beyond the office, Ri has two young children and a brown dog.</p>
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