Danielle Jewson

Senior Urban Designer
Hansen Partnership
<p>Danielle joined Hansen in 2013. Having previously worked in statutory planning, urban design and landscape architecture fields, she brings an integrated perspective to her design-centred role. Her experience extends to both regional and metropolitan local governments instilling a thorough appreciation of the vast complexities involved within individual projects in varying contexts.</p> <p>Danielle’s multi-disciplinary background embraces an extensive realm of design disciplines from conceptual design development to design analysis. She has been involved in a variety of urban planning, landscape architecture and urban design projects including master plans, framework/ structure plans, visual assessments, urban design guidelines and assessments, development applications and expert evidence.</p> <p>Danielle is passionate about the standards of public realm and the way our built environment interacts within the context of public open space. Her keen interest and experience in transport and pedestrian oriented design (TOD/POD) gives her the highly informed ability to educate others in how deliberative design improves the way we live and experience our towns and cities. </p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits