Bronwen Jones

Architect | Urbanist
City Renewal Authority
<p>Practicing at the intersection of architecture and urbanism, I have a passion for thinking, talking about and creating great places where life can be lived well. </p> <p>Drawing on high calibre design expertise and leadership skills I seek out the opportunities to contribute to shaping my city - Canberra. Taking a place based approach to significant urban renewal projects, I love leading multi-disciplinary teams design joyful and meaningful places for people. I have also recently lead public life public space audits and developed policy to lift design quality, notably design guidelines for urban housing and mixed use development. It truly is an exciting time to be working at a strategic level in a city experiencing significant growth and renewal. I am also motivated to expand the collective understanding about the built environment and public life, seeking out opportunities to engage with the profession, the general community and importantly students, our future city makers.</p> <p>Closer to home I practice small living, with less possessions and walking everywhere, informing my thinking about how we respond to the critical environmental and social issues of our time. My love of walking, and talking, extends to being the city organizer for Jane's Walk in Canberra. Parallel to practice, I am co-curator (architecture) and founding member of the DESIGN Canberra Festival advisory committee. Celebrating and promoting Canberra as a global city of design, the festival provides a vehicle for channeling my expertise as a city maker as well as harnessing the collective talent and energy of creative professionals.</p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits