Naomi Stead

Academic and writer
Department of Architecture, Monash University
<p>I have been an academic in architecture since 2001. I am a founding member of the Parlour collective, and established and led the research project from which it initially sprang. My research interests broadly encompass the cultural studies of architecture, in its production, mediation, and reception. More specifically, I'm interested in the mythologies of architecture, experimental writing practices in architecture, feminist approaches to architectural teaching and practice, and many other things. Of course I am also interested in gender equity in the architecture profession! This includes the role of policy in facilitating more equitable outcomes, and also how gender equity might intersect with other sociological categories such as class, race, and sexuality. I have ideas about a new research project on mental health (or the lack of it) amongst architects and architecture students, as well as possible a parallel study of gender equity in landscape architecture. My present academic role is at Monash University, where I have been Professor and Head of Department since 2018.</p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Juries, Writing