Each week we hand over the Parlour Instagram account to a different host. This is an opportunity to present a complex picture of architecture and the people involved in it.

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Post by Charity Edwards, from her stint as Parlour guest host.

You can find our guest hosts on Instagram here. The following protocols are a guide for guest hosts.


Choose images that are relevant and appropriate to Parlour. Images could pertain to a particular topic, or could simply document your life in architecture.

Do be polemical and forthright, but please don’t post material that is offensive. The Parlour etiquette applies here too. In particular, please avoid negative personal comment about individuals. (We reserve the right to delete images that we consider inappropriate, although we expect to never have to do this!)


Try to keep up a regular presence without flooding people.

  • 2 to 3 image per day is good as a guide.
  • Try to post an image a day at a minimum
  • Try not to post more than 5 or 6 per day, unless you are live posting an event or similar.

Please only post images that you took yourself or that you have permission to use. If you do post an image by someone else, with permission, please credit the photographer.


In the caption please include #ParlourInstaGuest.


Please be careful when commenting on other’s images when logged in as Parlour. Please sign your comments with your initials.

Our guest hosts

Previous guest hosts have been Alysia Bennett, Gail Pini, Cara Wiseman, Talina Edwards, Melinda Howard, Charity Edwards, Neph Wake, Virginia Mannering, Josh Wallaert, Emma Healy, Jacqueline Connor, Bernadette Wilson, Katelin Butler, Kelsey Cowle, Maria Danos, Genevieve Lilley, Shaun Carter, Shelley Freeman, Melonie Bayl Smith, Sonia Sarangi, Diana Snape, Virginia Rigney, Monique Woodward, Kart Projects, Tania Davidge, John Ellway, Phuong Le, Sally Ogle, Matthew Kneale, Joseph O’Maera, Yvonne Meng, Madeline Sewall, Justine Clark, Helen Norrie, Pia Ednie-Brown, Jessica Hardwick, Stuart King, Gill Matthewson, Peter Raisbeck, Emma Guthrey, Fiona Martin, Cumulus Studio, Nadine Samaha, Cristina Garduno Freeman and Fiona Gray, Luisa Manfredini and David Macrae, Meaghan Dwyer, Emily Grandstaff-Rice, Sander de Vries, Clare Connan, Caroline Kite, Panayiota Moschoyiannis, Jessica Halliday, Minx Architecture, Meghana Joshi, Anne Hindley, Kim Lai, Scott Burchell, GHD Woodhead, Aminah Ricks, Liminal Studio, Heather Griffin, XYX Lab, Antonia Pesenti, Nikki Holdsworth, Jasmine Richardson, Naomi Stead and Nicole Kalms, Danielle Mileo, Janine Campbell, Alison Brookbanks, Anja Michelzahn, NH Architecture, Anthony Richardson, Jill Pope, Architects for Peace, Meredith Earls–Büro North, Estelle Rose Rehayem, ASAC Inc./Student Congress, Sue Wittenoom, Jhennifer A. Amundson, Madeline Nolan, School of Architecture, Adl Uni, Tristan Wong, Kellie McGivern – Cox Architecture, Justine Cox – ClarkeKeller Architects, Kirsty Volz, University of Queensland, Isabella Peppard, Monash University, Felicity Watson, Lily Freeman, Candace Garraway – UoN – Masters of Architecture, Kalliopi Vakras, Heather Ward-Walton, University of Melbourne, April McCabe, Fritha Hobbs, Timothy Moore, Alix, Maddie & Sam – HASSELL, Nicola Hardy – Secret Envelope Productions, Rebecca Hawcroft – The Other Moderns, Philips Pilkington, Lucy, Zoe, Holly – Architectus, Diana, Louise and Leonie – MelbUni, Julie Willis, Rachael Bernstone, Rebecca Champney, Liz Foo, Clinton Cole – CplusC, Suzie Hunt, Emma Healy, Sylvia Walker, Cristina Cerulli – Studio Polpo and Sheffield Hallam University, Michael Gay – MSG ARCHITECTURE, Cristina Garduno Freeman, Ariana Rodriguez – CRONE, Alisha Abate, Jocelyn Chiew – Monash University (Campus Design, Quality and Planning), Rose MacMahon – CLA, Sarah Lynn Rees, Cox Architecture, Cristina Garduno Freeman, SA Chapter Aust Inst of Architects, QLD Get Equity Task Force, Monash Architecture Students (posting by Isabella Peppard), Margie Rahmann – Edmiston Jones Architects, Gerhana Waty – Hansen Partnership, Wei Jien – L’Observatoire International, Michael Smith, Jude Abell, Justine Clark and Tarsha Finney.