Mutual support, solidarity and camaraderie! Light at the End of the Tunnel is an online event series that aims to help our communities navigate the world of work, the futures of the profession and paths forward in the pandemic.

Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Q & A event series, happening every Friday lunchtime AEST, for as long as we all need it.

Each week one or two speakers will be online to answer our questions and yours on a wide range of topics – from the nitty gritty of how to negotiate, polishing up your CV and portfolio, and what to do with an unexpected career break, to broader speculations about the kind of profession we want and need, and how we might best position the discipline for the future.

These will be informal, interactive sessions aimed at equipping our communities for the path ahead, and encouraging all to help make the future of our profession.

Watch Naomi and Justine chat about the idea, and do get in touch if there are topics you would like covered.


The sessions are recorded. So, if you miss out or can’t make it on Friday lunchtimes you can still access the discussion afterwards. Watch the recording of events so far.


Formal CPD is available for each session. We will provide a set of questions for each session, which will ask you to reflect on what you have learned, and what it means in the context of your professional practice.

The response can be submitted via an online form for each session. You will receive an email with your responses as evidence of attendance and completion for the session. Please keep the response email for your records.

Learning objectives

The learning objectives of the series as a whole relate to the Practice Management Unit of Competency and are as follows:

  • To gain a greater knowledge of how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected architectural workplaces and employment as a whole
  • To gain a greater understanding of potential roles for architects and the profession in and following crises
  • To reflect upon your own career or work life in architecture and how it has been or may be affected by the pandemic
  • To gain a greater understanding of how architects and practices have responded to economic downturn or recessions in the past
  • To formulate plans and ideas for how to move forward with your own career or work life in architecture following the pandemic
  • To build skills in redesigning your work profile and employability in response to the pandemic
  • To expand your knowledge of the structural and contextual factors which affect careers and work in architecture
  • To network and gain peer to peer understandings and strategies for addressing career disruption or interruption
  • To build skills in self care, self-management, career planning and strategy
Sessions so far

We started with are a two-parter, asking “Where are we now? The first session was Architecture & Work in the Pandemic, with Misty Waters in discussion with Naomi Stead and Justine Clark on Friday 22 May.

Session 02 was with Helen Lochhead – Possibilities for the Profession explored the situation architecture finds itself in, the contribution the profession might make to the new future we are heading towards, and how this might occur.

Session 03 was Remaking the Workplace with Jess Murphy – 5 June.

Session 04 explored Leadership with Adam Haddow and Eloise Atkinson – 12 June.

Session 05 – A Foot in the Door – saw Chi Melhem and Ryan Barton offer tips and tactics, strategic advice and encouragement on getting going in the profession – 19 June.

Session 06 – Registration Matters with Kate Doyle canvassed the why, how and when of registration, and the various pathways available – 26 June.

Session 07 – Finding Opportunity with Kim Bazeley and Tania Davidge explored the many and varied ways to make a life in architecture, and many kinds of jobs, roles and ways to influence our built environments for the better – 3 July.

Session 08 – Financial Literacy – Gordana Milosevska offered insight into financial fundamentals for architects, as both practice directors and employees, and how we can increase our knowledge – 10 July.

Session 09 – Mentoring with Sonia Sarangi and Alison Cleary – 17 July.

Session 10 – Together Apart explored the distributed workplace with Sue Wittenoom and Jean Graham – 24 July.

Session 11 – our first Open Mic session was a wide-ranging conversation among speakers from the previous ten events and our trusty audience. Participants include Misty Waters, Kim Bazely, Tania Davidge, Jess Murphy, Jean Graham, Sarah Wittenoom and Gordana Milosevska – 31 July.

Session 12 – in Part 1 of Navigating Cultural Difference Sonia Sarangi and Qutaibah Al-Atafi discussed strategies for navigating cultural difference and the biases and discriminations that individuals may face as they chart their career.

Session 13 – John Held and Lewis Moore on Employment Rights, Responsibilities and Care – 14 August.

Session 14 – in Part 2 of Navigating Cultural Difference Sarah Buckeridge and Thihoa Gill discuss strategies for creating and managing workplaces that are actively inclusive of cultural diversity, with guest host Sonia Sarangi – 21 August.

Session 15 – in Speaking Up Saneia Norton and Rachael Bernstone discuss strategies for communicating with confidence and clarity – at an individual level and at the level of the profession – 28 August.

Session 16 – Rethinking Procurement with Kate Fitzgerald and Geoff Hanmer – 4 September.

Session 17 – Know Thyself with Margaret Devlin on playing to your strengths – 11 September.

Session 18 – Career Shifts & Breaks with Shelley Penn and Dijana Tasevska – 18 September.