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Parlour’s resources, advocacy, events and activities are making a difference, but there is still much work to be done. And for that we need your help! Our work is funded through the generous support of Parlour Friends and Parlour Partners. We have done a lot this year, and have a lot more coming up.

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Get Involved!

Parlour is committed to research, action and advocacy, to providing resources and to making spaces to speak for others.We’d also love you to get involved – there are many ways to do this. Here are just a few ways you might do this.

Download Numbers in a Nutshell – and pass it around!
Analysing and disseminating data is an important part of our advocacy and activism. Now Gill Matthewson’s data analysis is available for everyone to read and use.Download it here. Print it out, pass it around, use it in presentations as you advocate for gender equity!The analysis will be updated when the 2016 Census data becomes available – your donations will help fund this.
Write a Letter to Your Younger Self
This new series collects useful advice and anecdotes on navigating the world of architecture and balancing it with life and other pursuits. So far Naomi Stead, Ceilidh Higgins and Jacinda Sadler have shared their stories.We are keen to collect a wide array of anecdotes, strategies and experiences to inspire the Parlour community. Get in touch if you would like to write a letter.
Guest host Parlour Instagram
Each week a different guest takes over Parlour’s Instagram account. The result is a fabulous kaleidoscope of stories and images, of lives in architecture, of the issues that matter.It’s rewarding and fun – sign up for your turn here.Follow the account here.
Join us for a Seasonal Salon
Parlour Salons are informal, convivial events that provide opportunities for get together. Each Salon features a public conversation between two women at different career stages.We have held Salons in Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide, with events in train for Perth, Brisbane, Cairns and Sydney. The Parlour Salons are possible thanks to the support of Parlour Partner AWS and hosts across Australia.
Add yourself to Marion’s List – and use the list yourself!
Marion’s List is an online register of the many women active in Australian architecture and the built environment.Add your profile today, encourage your friends and colleagues to do so, and use the list next time you are organising a panel, jury or commentary.
Improve equity in the workplace with the Parlour Guides
The Parlour Guides to Equitable Practice are an important resource that help architecture move towards a more equitable profession; one that offers opportunity for all and is better positioned to meet contemporary challenges.The Guides have been very successful, and we plan to refresh them in the near future. We are also in preliminary talks with the American Institute of Architects about licensing the guides for use in the US.