Connecting to the world outside.

There is a vast body of very useful information out there – on women in architecture, gender and the workplace, career progression and digression, leadership, unconscious bias, gender pay gaps, equity policy, strategies for change and so on.

This diverse material provides an excellent resource for women in architecture and for those working to make architecture a more inclusive and pluralistic profession.

We have collected an array of useful links to help you get started. Links are organised under the sections described below, and can also be sorted via the topic categories to the right.

These lists are works in progress. If you can suggest other links to include here please contact us.

We are also sending out links to new material in an ongoing way via twitter. Follow us @_Parlour

  • Women in Architecture
    A collection of material, from Australia and internationally, that specifically addresses women, gender and architecture in different ways.
  • Networks
    Various networks for women in Australia – networks within built environment disciplines along with broader networks in business, government and industry.
  • Resource hubs
    Some of the better collections of resources, reports, materials and links on other websites, including material from government, industry and academia.
  • Policy
    Links to good equity policy in other disciplines in Australia, and to equity policy developed for architecture in comparable countries.
  • Reports
    Useful reports on equity, workplace and career progression. Many come from other disciplines, but include material relevant to architecture.
  • Toolkits
    Existing toolkits, assessment matrices, action plans, guidelines to help assess our current situation and to implement change.
  • Tips and tactics
    How to proceed? Links to help with negotiation and other matters.