Parlour is curated and edited by Justine Clark, with support from co-editors Naomi Stead, Karen Burns, Sandra Kaji-O’Grady, Julie Willis, Amanda Roan and Gill Matthewson.

Neph Wake and Byron Kinnaird worked as research assistants and helped to collect and compile material and to draft content. Byron also made the charts used to show the statistics and Claire Humphries made the illustrations for the survey. Susanna Nelson sub-edited the texts.

The many contributors are found here.

Parlour identity

Catherine Griffiths of  Studio Catherine Griffiths developed the Parlour identity and typography. Read Catherine’s description of the identity design here.


Nick Bassett took much of the documentary photography used throughout the site, which is part of the visual sociology component of the research project.


Peter Johns and Jeanie Hague-Smith of Butterpaper built the website.
Peter also provided continual expertise, advice and feedback on its development and structure.

The website is built on the WordPress theme Sight, by WPShower.