We are delighted to introduce the Parlour Seasonal Salons, convivial quarterly events for the Parlour community.


Parlour Spring Salon. Photo: Dianna Snape

Casual and welcoming, the salons are an opportunity to meet for conversation over a glass of wine, to form new networks and relationships and revive older ones.

Held to mark each season, the Parlour Salons aim to connect architects at different stages of their lives and careers, and build networks across areas of expertise and interest. Each salon includes a short public conversation between two people with different backgrounds and shared experiences – mentor and mentee, architect and client, emerging and experienced practitioners. These public introductions set the scene for informal connections and discussions to follow.

The first salon – the Parlour Spring Salon – was held in Melbourne on Saturday 15 October at the M Pavilion in Melbourne. A large group joined speakers Kerstin Thompson and Clare Cousins for a wonderful and relaxed afternoon of conversation and connection.

The Parlour Seasonal Salons are possible thanks to the support of Parlour Partner AWS.