Marion’s List is a public register of the women of Australian architecture designed to convey the richness and depth of involvement of women in the profession and the discipline and to encourage further participation in architecture’s public culture.

Marion’s List will give a more sophisticated understanding of what women in architecture do and of what an ‘architect’ looks like.

Marion’s List will work in three ways:

  • To increase the visibility of women in the profession and thereby give a more complex account of the many and varied contributions that women make.
  • To provide a resource for those planning events, conferences and symposia, organising juries and the like. Marion’s List will demonstrate the expertise and diversity available. We need never again hear the excuse ‘we asked one, but she couldn’t come’.
  • To help build the community and to enable new professional and social contacts and networks.

Marion’s List is under development at the moment. Once we have it up and running it will only work if you participate. Please sign up to Parlour so we can keep you informed as Marion’s List develops.