Katherine Murray

Architect | Urbanist
Young Urbanists
<p>Katherine Murray is the Founder of Young Urbanists.</p> <p>Katherine is passionate about achieving better outcomes for cities and driving community engagement and policy development to reach these goals.</p> <p>Having undertaken her professional education and training in Melbourne, Katherine has spent the past 20+ years living, working and studying in a range of global cities, including significant periods in Oxford, London, New York, Tokyo and Singapore.</p> <p>Katherine is a registered architect, holding a BArch from RMIT University. As an urbanist she holds an MSc in Development Practice from Oxford Brookes University, is a graduate of the LSE Cities London and Global Cities program, and most recently participated in Gehl Institute's Bay Area Public Life Masterclass.</p> <p>Through Young Urbanists, her work with the Singapore City Gallery, and with local and international schools, Katherine is advancing urban education and public participation – promoting the planning and design of liveable cities, and how these cities can sustainably support creativity, enterprise, civil society and active, multi-generational communities.</p>
VIC, oseas
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Public Speaking, Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits