Renee Muratore

Architect & Heritage Consultant
Purcell Asia Pacific
<p>As a registered architect and heritage consultant, Renee is very passionate about architectural history, research, significance assessments & conservation and sees a real need for practical protection and adaptive reuse of heritage buildings. </p> <p>Having worked in the heritage and conservation field since 2010, Renee is passionate about Victoria (and Australia's) cultural heritage. She has worked with private and public sector clients, including other architects, to help them realise their vision for heritage projects.<br /> Working at Purcell since 2016, Renee has been exposed to both local and international conservation projects and maintains an ongoing adherence to Burra Charter principles and the implementation of best conservation practice balanced with a practical approach to dealing with heritage buildings. </p> <p>Renee combines her passion for architectural heritage with ongoing involvement in academia at the University of Melbourne, and she is involved in organisations including ICOMOS, APT Australia, and Docomomo Australia. She is also a member of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria)'s Building & Estates Committee. </p>
Interested in
Public Speaking, Juries, Sessional Teaching or Crits