Parlour is about getting involved, about working together to make a difference. To this end, we welcome input from a diverse range of contributors. The Women, Work and Leadership research team will all continue to contribute to the site, but we also want to hear from you.

First, join the Parlour community by signing up here. The registration page should return you to here.

After that, there are many ways to join the discussion:

  • Parlour / parler: We welcome proposals for opinion pieces from a wide range of contributors. These are short, speculative, sometimes provocative pieces aimed at raising issues, responding to the research and getting us all thinking.
  • Surveys: Fill out our survey, Where Do All the Women Go? to help us generate a more complex and nuanced picture of women in Australian architecture. Other surveys will be added over time – fill them out too!
  • Polls: Add your voice via our occasional polls. The first relates to Naomi Stead’s call for a new national membership organization.
  • Material elsewhere: If you know of good links and resources missing from our resources section please let us know.
  • News & events: Do you have an event you would like posted on the site? Get in touch with the details.
  • Building the archive: One of the Parlour opportunities is to consolidate archival material and information on women and architecture. This will help build a stronger sense of our own history, honour those who have gone before us, and make material available to future researchers. Please contribute to the various crowd-sourcing initiatives as we post them. If there is a topic you would like help sourcing material on let us know and we’ll post a request on your behalf.
  • Comment: Join the conversation via the comments facility on the site – you need to sign up to be able to comment. Please do observe Parlour etiquette and keep  your contributions to the point.
  • Marion’s List: Our next Parlour project is to build a public list of the women of Australian architecture, and help increase the visibility of the women of Australian Architecture. Please let us know if you would like to be involved and we’ll send details once it is up.
  • A new national membership organisation: Naomi Stead makes a passionate plea for a new, national organisation to represent women in architecture. Setting up such an organisation is outside the scope of Parlour and the Women, Work and Leadership research project, but we are keen to support those interested in doing so.
  • Research: We’re always keen to find fellow travellers. If you are working on a related research project we would love to know about it.
    If you are interested to do further study of architectural practice culture, gender and architecture, equity and diversity issues in work life, or a related topic please get in touch. For new research, the first point of contact is lead researcher Naomi Stead. Depending on your field of interest and expertise, you may be better matched with one of our other partner institutions or researchers – check out the full list of the researchers on this project at the bottom of the research page.

Etiquette and guidelines for contributions and comment are found here.

Please contact us if you would like to submit an Parlour / parler piece or participate in other ways.

Support Parlour

The start up costs for establishing Parlour were funded through the Women, Work and Leadership research grant. However, we plan to keep the site alive following the end of that grant and to continue developing it beyond the scope of the grant.

To do this we will need support from sponsors and partners.

If you or your organisation is interested in knowing more about supporting Parlour please get in touch.